PLastics in
our Lives

From car safety to saving on energy bills, we’ve had help from a surprising source. See why you should think before you throw and how using our resources effectively can help keep you safe whilst driving and comfortable at home.

Plastics in our home


Plastics play a major role in every household, contributing to a more comfortable, sustainable and cost efficient way of living no matter our lifestyle. From helping us to save on cost and resources, to conserving our energy and reducing food and packaging waste, plastics’ versatile functionalities have turned them into a mainstay in our households, from the construction of our homes to our furniture and interior design.

Plastics are a lightweight and durable material which help us to do more with less. Plastic innovations enable improved piping, packaging and insulation solutions, thus eliminating waste and preserving important resources including water, electricity and food, all while guarantying us the safety and protection in our homes that we so often take for granted.

Due to the hot and humid climate of the region, our homes in the GCC depend tremendously on power generation. Especially during the summer months, we require cost effective and efficient cooling systems to stay comfortable indoors and keep away the scorching desert heat. Innovative materials made of plastic not only make up key components in our AC-s, but come in the form of the building materials used in the construction of our homes. From foam insulation, to caulks and sealants, to cables, furniture and pipes, the plastics in our homes provide us with significant energy and cost savings and help to improve the quality of our life.

One life cycle study suggest that the use of construction plastics in building materials saved 467.2 trillion Btu of energy per year over alternatives. In the end, the small amount of energy we borrow to produce these plastics saves us huge amounts of energy in the long run, helping us to play our part in preserving the environment and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

More and more, we see innovations in plastics recycling designed to improve our home décor, unleashing scores of new creative home interior design ideas. With a little creativity and a pinch of imagination there is nothing we cannot do to repurpose old plastic at our homes into an everyday item, or align our consumer habits with more sustainability-oriented home décor and furniture brands.

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