PLastics in
our Car

On average we can spend hundreds of hours a year behind the wheel, with cars being a major mode of transportation in the region. The safety and comfort of passengers are of paramount importance for car manufacturers today, but increasingly so has become the environmental footprint and fuel efficiency of the vehicle itself.

Did you know that today’s plastics make up 50% of a car’s volume, but only about 10% of its weight1? The increased use of plastics reduces the weight of vehicles and consequently emissions, helping to save around 3,000 litres of fuel over the lifetime of the average car2.

Not only this but plastics have helped to improve our car safety through features such as airbags and interior cushioning, seat belts as well as components in the car exterior such as the bumper.

When combined with glass fibers and other materials used in the manufacturing of cars, plastic make our vehicles stronger and lighter at the same time.

Plus, we can’t ignore the fact that plastics make our modern cars look way cooler than before. Do you agree?


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