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Awareness-building is the core of the WFE, and the responsibility for sustaining our planet will ultimately fall to our children, then to theirs. At top of our agenda then, is to educate children on the importance of recycling and leaving the environment litter-free.

By creating awareness on how waste can be reused and ways we can take care of our environment, we aim to change mindsets of the old and young. By organizing initiatives through which businesses and the community can get actively involved, we aim to promote a sense of responsibility that we can pass through the generations.

Uniting school children, teachers and volunteers for a common goal, to respond to environmental initiatives

A valuable education

We always welcome the opportunity to teach the younger generation the huge value of looking after our fragile planet. Here are some comments we have had from past campaigns:

Through WFE, we are helping our society and contributing to a greener and cleaner community. I believe we can all make an impact.

Saad, 23 years old, Community College Qatar

I am doing something for the planet and it makes me happy, I want to continue to participate in other cleanups because it makes our world strong & pure.

Yad, 11 years old, Al Shorouk School Doha

I learned about the different types of garbage and how some of then can be recycled and can create value.

Hind, 13 years old, Al Wakrah School

It feels like I am helping the planet. I promise I will never throw garbage in nature again.

Tsitan, 11 years old, Philippine School Doha

The cleanup action is bridging the gap between theory and real life practice.

Petra, Volunteer, Qatar Petroleum

The campaign is a great opportunity for children to make a difference at their own level – making them responsible for their actions is the purpose of such initiatives

Husni Mahmoud Adawi, Volunteer, QAPCO

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