Education and awareness building are the building blocks of the campaign and we believe that the sustainability of our planet lays in our hands and the hands of the generations to come.

With a strong conviction, we believe that recycling is not an occasion but rather, a lifestyle that should be adopted. Through WFE, we educate children by instilling a sense of awareness and responsibility towards the planet and also by educating them on the benefits of recycling and how their contributions could make a difference.

By creating awareness on how waste can be reused and the different efforts that can make a difference to our environment, we aim to change the mindsets of the old and the young.

Today was so much fun. I am proud to have collected the trash and made our beach beautiful again. We have to protect our earth by knowing the 4Rs (Reduction, re-use, recycle and recover. 

Samidi , Qatar, The Sri Lankan School Stafford International